Meet the Professional London Tattoo Artist

In London, people can find lots of tattoo artist to work on all tattoo designs that people like to have. Marie Terry is one of them and she is the professional London tattoo artist that works in London Tattoo studio. As some people may already know, the London Tattoo studio has made the appearance in one of the TV show that  called London Ink, that tell the story of tattoo in London.

Her specialization as London tattoo artist is custom design work or creating tattoo based on personal design that people carry to her place or the one that people ask her to made it for them. She also works other design as well such as realistic tattoo, portrait tattoo, lettering tattoo, script tattoo and other design as well. In basic, she can work on all kind of tattoo design both colorful tattoo and also the black and grey tattoo.

For those who want to check out her work as London tattoo artist can take a look on her personal website where she has put the tattoo gallery with the picture of tattoo design that she has worked before. There is also some offer that she made from time to time such as the one that is available right now is the offer for a day rate for working on portrait tattoo, where everyone know that it cost more than common tattoo design.

West Midlands Law Firm Takes A Healthy Approach With Screening From The Healthy Hearts Institute

Employment Law Solicitors, Martin Kaye are the first company in Telford to use the Healthy Hearts Campaign’s new mobile health screening facility in a bid to assist employees in monitoring their health. Diabetes and cardio-vascular risks can now be identified with a 30 minute pop-in pop-out check at work.

A West Midlands law firm is the first company in Telford to take part in a health screening campaign for its staff.

The screening will include cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar analysis, as well as a general physical examination, a lung function test, and heart checks.

“The Healthy Hearts Institute is based at Sandwell Medical Research Unit at West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Trust, and has already been piloted across the West Midlands.

Healthy Hearts Campaign Co-ordinator, Geraldine Thomas, said: “Our mobile screening facility travels between industrial estates, business parks, and office blocks, and is run by a team of health professionals.

“Hundreds of staff have benefited from the state-of-the-art check-ups, and now the screening programme is being extended to Shropshire.

Martin-Kaye Solicitors, who are based in Telford, have signed up to the Healthy Hearts Campaign, in a bid to help employees find out more about the state of their health.

The mobile screening unit will visit the company’s offices on November 15, and every employee who attends the session will receive a 30-minute consultation to assess their condition, with the results explained in private afterwards.

Senior Partner, Graham Davies, said: “We are extremely pleased that our staff are backing the Healthy Hearts initiative, and that they’re keen to take up this opportunity – in fact over 70 per cent of our employees have signed up to take part.

“At the heart of every company is its workforce and we want to help our employees to identify any potential risks so they can seek the right kind of treatment, which should help prevent problems in the future.”

Healthy Hearts, Geraldine Thomas, said: “We are delighted to see such a high level of interest from a wide range of companies, who are all taking the view that health screening in the workplace benefits not only the employee, but the company too.”

Healthy Hearts is a charitable social enterprise initiative which encourages access to health screening, particularly with regard to cardio-vascular health risks and diabetes. Although operating for some three years, Healthy Heart was established as a charitable institute in 2006 to improve access to health in local communities, and forms part of the Sandwell Primary Prevention Alliance.